Standing Committee

The Standing Committee serves as a council of advice for the bishop and a decision-making body for the Diocese of Arizona between Diocesan Conventions. It performs canonically required duties such as the recommendation of persons for ordination, and consent to the election of bishops throughout the Episcopal Church.  It also approves the sale or encumbrance of congregational property, substantial property repairs for Missions of the Diocese, and can amend the diocesan budget. 

The Finance, Investment, and Chapel Rock Committees all report to the Standing Committee. 

The Standing Committee is composed of equal numbers of active, resident clergy and lay members of the diocese who are elected by the convention to three-year terms.

Committee Actions

June 2023 Summary of Committee Actions

Standing Committee Members

  • The Rev. Canon Erika von Haaren
  • The Rev. Taylor Devine
  • The Rev. Gerardo Brambila
  • Cody Bro
  • Sara Haas
  • The Rev. Michael Halle
  • The Rev. Dr. Robin Hollis
  • Dr. Stanlie James
  • The Rev. Alison Lee
  • Mae Sinclair
  • Alison Moran
  • Sarah Colmark


  • Donald Bivens, Chancellor
  • The Rev. Canon Anita Braden, Canon to the Ordinary
  • The Ven. Amy Bryan, Archdeacon
  • Suzy Mortenson, Diocesan Treasurer
  • Kelly Wood, Executive Director of Chapel Rock