Re-Entry/ Mentoring Program

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Bridges Reentry

The Bridges Reentry organization supports the efforts of Magdalene House West and provides other much-needed release-day assistance. Transportation from prison to bus stations, halfway houses, parole offices, and other destinations is provided when needed, along with clothing, shoes, and simple hygiene items. Mentoring programs are also offered. Interested? Contact Deacon Gay Romack at

Pima County Re-entry

Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness (TPCH) is a coalition of community and faith-based organizations, government entities, businesses, and individuals committed to the mission of ending homelessness and addressing the issues related to homelessness (including prior incarceration) in our community. The “Get Help” section of the TPCH website includes their 2019 Guidelines on Getting Out as well as numerous other resources that can be helpful to citizens returning to society after a period of incarceration.

Magdalene House West

This was founded in 2019,  due primarily to the hard work of Deacon Gay Romack and the Bridges Re-entry organization she established. It is based on the model created by Rev. Becca Stevens, founder of Thistle Farms and keynote speaker at the 2017 Diocesan Convention, Magdalene House West houses up to 6 women who have been released from Perryville women’s prison. The house is located in Avondale and volunteers to assist with the programs are needed. Please contact Deacon Gay Romack at for more information about volunteering.

ReEntry Simulation

Our Episcopal Diocese of AZ Prison Ministry program is partnering with Arouet to offer re-entry simulations across the diocese for those churches who are interested in learning about the barriers faced by returning citizens once they are released from prison. This powerful experience educates through personal involvement. Participants truly get a chance to “walk in the shoes” of individuals who are transitioning back into society after incarceration. Watch this video to get an idea about what is involved in a Re-entry Simulation offered by Arouet. To download the Reentry Simulation flyer, CLICK HERE. To learn more about the reentry programs offered through Arouet, please go to their website

The United States Attorney’s Offices (including AZ) also support Re-entry Simulations and will assist groups/organizations who wish to offer a simulation. This video provides information about running a USAO reentry simulation on the outside for those of us who have no idea what it’s like to re-enter society and also contains information about re-entry simulations that are run inside the prison to help prepare inmates for what happens when they walk out those gates.

Mentoring Beyond the Gates

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The primary goal for Mentoring Beyond the Gates is to help the releasee overcome the major challenges to successful re-entry and to give them the support they need and encourage the healing of mind, body, and spirit. The program currently serves women being released from Perryville who are in need of additional community support. Leaders of the program hope to expand it to serve other prisons.

To hear from a mentor and mentee, read our article “Connections Made in Heaven”

Mentors must be able to commit to the program for at least one year. During the first 90 days after a mentee is released, a mentor may need to be in touch a few times a week. After the first 90 days, mentors are encouraged to talk with the mentees at least once per week for the rest of the year. Mentors must be at least 25 years old. All the mentees will be female; however, mentors can be any gender. For more information about the program, visit the Bridges Reentry website or contact Deacon Gay Romack at

Release Day Pickup Ministry

The Bridges Reentry ‘Release Day Pickup’ ministry offers individuals an opportunity to welcome women being released from Perryville prison and help them navigate the maze of requirements on their first day out of prison. Bridges Reentry provides training for those who volunteer for this much-needed and appreciated service. Teams of two bring donated clothing for the woman to wear when she walks out those gates for the first time in years. The team greets the woman upon release and gives them a gift pack prepared by Bridges Reentry containing hygiene items, etc. they will need for wherever they are going. The team also provides transportation to the place where the woman will be residing after release, usually a re-entry residence or halfway house facility. More information is available on the Bridges Re-entry website under ‘Programs’.