Below is a list of the Prison Ministry Leaders

Convener: Deacon Kim Crecca, St. Matthew’s, Tucson

My education about prisons began in 2002 when my 72-year-old father received a 15-year sentence and was sent to a correctional facility in Texas. Quite honestly, I had never thought much about prisoners at all before that devastating verdict was handed down. As an educator and former Army officer, my father began teaching me about what life is really like behind bars. The more I learned, the more I was determined to find a way to reach out to my brothers and sisters in prison. Joining the Perryville Prison Worship Service team from St. Peter’s was a life-changing event for me. As the inmates thanked us over and over for not forgetting them, I realized that prison ministry is more than just a passion for me…it’s a calling. Now that I am in Tucson, I am no longer a part of the worship team services but I continue to be involved in ministering to those affected by incarceration through booking traveling art shows featuring artwork from the inmates of Perryville, serving as part of the clergy staff at Camp Genesis (for children with incarcerated parents), and encouraging others to become involved in some way. I look forward to sharing the joys of this ministry with anyone and everyone and would be happy to speak to your congregation about the many ways they can become involved!

Deacon Gay Romack, St. Peter’s, Litchfield Park (Prison Worship Services/Mentoring Program Facilitator)

I’m interested in how the church, the whole faith community, can be a part of the healing for those who are incarcerated, their families and particularly the healing they need when they are released. How does a faith community embrace an ex-offender and help them assimilate back into society? Prison is a vast community that for the most part we want to forget about. Lock them up and do time for the crime. And then what? I’m convinced that the faith community can play an enormous role in healing the incarcerated community. As the organizer of the St. Peter’s worship service at Perryville Women’s Prison, I have a lot of amazing stories to tell about those who have realized God’s hope, mercy and love for them. Together, I hope the faith community can identify ways to reinforce God’s love for these offenders once they are released. I would love to speak with you or your church about any aspect of prison ministry. 

Program Contacts

To contact an individual about a program they facilitate, send an email to and indicate the person’s name in the subject line.

Deacon Kim Crecca – – regarding any program and also available as a speaker

Deacon Gay Romack – regarding Prison Worship Services, Bridges Reentry and also available as a speaker

Susie Nee – regarding the Penpal Program

Becky Hansen – regarding Camp Genesis backpack program

Jana Sundin – – regarding Camp Genesis registration

Alexa Hokanson – regarding the Shoe Drive

Maryanne Vermillion – regarding the Sunshine Club or Camp Genesis Card Program

Taylor Raborn – regarding the Yarn Donation Program

Rena Robbins – regarding the Camper Prayer Heart Program

Rev. Donald Bebber – regarding Prison Academy offered through Prison Fellowship

James Prescott-Smith – regarding Kairos Inside