Council for Native American Ministry

The Council for Native American Ministry respects and supports the diverse people who have cared for this land from the beginning of time. We seek to remember, recognize, reconcile and build Relationships that build community and understanding.

To be notified by email of upcoming meetings, email the Rev. Canon Debbie Royals, Canon for Native American Ministries.


The Council for Native American Ministry Handbook is a guide for congregations to establish ministry and develop relationships with the 22 Federally recognized tribes across the Arizona Diocese.

Council for Native American Ministry Facebook Group

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Land Acknowledgement

In 2016 the diocese passed a resolution requiring each congregation to recognizing the traditional people of the land where the congregation resides. This resolution states that a Land Acknowledgment to the traditional people of the land is appropriate at the beginning of gatherings of worship, meetings, or otherwise. Specific prayers and language are included in the Council for Native American Ministry Handbook.

Indigenous Peoples Day Liturgy

These prayers are offered to the congregations of the diocese to honor Indigenous Peoples Day. In 2019 the diocese took the bold step of acknowledging the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day. The language and prayer style is authentic and reflective of the deep and abiding relationship between God’s people on this land and God our Creator. You are invited to use this liturgy in its entirety or to incorporate prayers into your Sunday worship order.

In 2019, an additional resolution was passed to provide land recognition prayers of the people from the book of common prayer. Each of the 6 forms of the Common prayer has an added prayer they can use for land acknowledgment. However, these prayers are not a replacement for an official land acknowledgment before any gathering. Please make sure to attribute these prayers to the author.

Arizona Native American Tribes


For questions or more information about this ministry, please contact:

The Rev. Canon Debbie Royals
Canon for Native American Ministries
or 520-907-0616