Funds for Outreach

Funds for Outreach are available to support educational activities, particularly Vacation Bible Schools through a fund previously administered by the Episcopal Community Services, which is no longer active. The Standing Committee has established the guidelines for those grants and detailed the application process.

Project/Activity Eligibility and Use of Funds

The Fund may be used to grant funding for:

  • New / start-up outreach programs;
  • Continuing funding of an existing outreach program; or
  • “Matching Funds” is defined as those funds needed by an outreach program to match another funding source.

Grants issued by the Fund may not be used to fund:

  • Capital improvements on congregational property;
  • General operating expenses of a congregation; or
  • Any project or program not within the scope of the program described in the Grantee’s application.

Applicants may submit a grant application at any time to the Fund Administrators using the Application Form linked below. The Applicant must complete the form in its entirety and submit supporting documents. The Application may be submitted by mail or hand-delivered in a sealed envelope to:

The Episcopal Diocese of Arizona
Attention: Standing Committee President
114 West Roosevelt Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Distribution of Grants

Maximum Grant and Application Frequency

The Fund may not grant more than $15,000.00 to a single Eligible Recipient per Application. An Eligible Recipient may not receive more than one grant in a rolling calendar year. (Example: if an Eligible Recipient receives a Grant in August, the Eligible Recipient may not receive another grant until the next August).

Vacation Bible School (“VBS”) Grants

The Fund has set aside funds for the purpose of funding and supporting Vacation Bible School efforts with a maximum grant of $500.00 per VBS Applicant. Applicants seeking funding under this provision of the Guidelines are exempt from the Application Process outlined in the Fund Guidelines linked below, and instead follow this process:

VBS Applicants submit the VBS Application linked below. The VBS Application shall be submitted to The Rev. Canon Jana Sundin, Canon for Children’s Ministries of The Episcopal Diocese of Arizona. The Canon for Children’s Ministries and the Director of Finance of The Episcopal Diocese of Arizona shall be authorized to receive VBS Applications and fund grants of up to $500.00 on a pro forma basis until the funds set aside for this purpose have been exhausted.

The Fund Administrators may choose to set aside more funds for VBS Grants if funding is available and shall notify the Director for Finance of additional funding and authority as needed.

Before applying for any grant, please read the Fund Guidelines.

Grant Application Forms

Progress Report Form

Community Outreach Grantee Progress Report

For any questions, contact Patti Henderson (602.254.0976), Director of Finance.