2022 Diocesan Convention

Reconciled in Christ: Becoming Beloved Community

62nd Diocesan Convention

October 21-22, 2022

El Conquistador, A Hilton Resort

Tucson, AZ

Registration for Convention is now CLOSED. Please contact the Diocesan Events Coordinator, Toni Murdock, at toni@azdiocese.org, if you have any questions about your registration.

Convention Schedule

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Tuesday, October 4th 

6:30 pm Pre-Convention Workshop (Budget, Canons & Resolutions)

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Thursday, October 6th 

6:30 pm Pre-Convention Workshop (Candidate Forum)

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9:00 am Registration opens

9:30 am Exhibit Hall opens

10:30 am Morning Prayer

1:00 – 2:15 pm Workshops

2:30 – 3:30 pm Keynote

3:45 – 4:45 pm Table conversations

5:00 pm Evening Prayer

5:30 pm Reception

6:30 pm Dinner

8:00 am Exhibit Hall opens

8:30 am Morning Prayer

9:00 am Eucharist

11:00 am Business Meeting convenes

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Business Meeting reconvenes

End of Business Meeting ends Convention

Convention Business

The Following are the Business Orders for the 62nd Annual Diocesan Convention

Below is a list of all Nominations for the 62nd Diocesan Convention.

General Convention Deputies

Nominees – Clerical Order

  • The Rev. David Benedict Hedges, BSG
  • The Rev. Dr. Robin B. Hollis – Deacon
  • The Rev. Canon John E. Kitagawa
  • The Rev. Scot McComas
  • The Very Rev. Troy D. Mendez
  • The Rev. C. Hunter Ruffin

Nominees – Lay Order

  • Cody Bro – St. John the Baptist, Glendale, AZ
  • Dr. Dawn Conley – St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Litchfield Park, AZ
  • Canon Judith Conley – Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix, AZ
  • Canon Clyde Kunz – Episcopal Church of St. Matthew, Tucson, AZ
  • Dan Packard – All Saints Episcopal Church, Phoenix, AZ

Secretary of Convention


  • The Rev. Dr. Perry M Pauley

Standing Committee

Nominees – Clerical Order

  • The Rev. Susan Armer
  • Fr. Gerardo+ Brambila
  • The Reverend Alison Lee
  • The Rev. Erika von Haaren

Nominees – Lay Order

  • Sara Haas –  Resurrection Episcopal Church, Gilbert, AZ

Diocesan Treasurer


  • Suzy Mortenson – St. John the Baptist, Glendale, AZ

To read the full Nominations list, click on the button below.

Resolutions are available below. They will be discussed during the pre-convention workshop on October 4th, 2022, and voted on at Convention. 

Below is the link to the Rules of Order for the Diocesan Convention Business Meeting


Below is the Link for the Reports to Convention for 2022


Shall be elected for a term of one year. Incumbent, Perry Pauley, is eligible for re-election. 

Duties include acting as recording secretary for every meeting of the Convention and the Standing Committee, as well as performing such duties as assigned by the Convention or the Bishop. Canon 4, Sec. 1

Shall be elected for a term of three years. Incumbent, Suzy Mortenson, is eligible for re-election. 

Duties include receiving, disbursing, and retaining custody of monies; keeping a complete and accurate account of all funds and furnishing reports of all diocesan accounts to each meeting of the Convention and the Standing Committee; and making recommendations to the Convention and the Standing Committee. Canon 4, Sec. 3

The Standing Committee consists of six priests and six lay communicants who shall each serve a 3-year term and not more than two consecutive 3-year terms. The election this year is for 2 clergy members for a 3-year term and 2 lay members for a 3-year term. The term of office will begin immediately following the Diocesan Convention. Incumbents Gerardo Brambila, Susan Armer, Austin Kerr, and Kym Kennedy are eligible for reelection. 

The Standing Committee is the Advisory Council to the Bishop meeting approximately 6 times a year. In addition, the Standing Committee serves as the Ecclesiastical Authority in the event of a vacancy in the Episcopate. The Standing Committee also provides consent for Bishop Elections and participates in the review of candidates for ordination. 

Four clergy and four laypersons shall be elected as Deputies. In addition, four clergy and four laypersons shall be elected as Alternate Deputies. Deputies and Alternates shall have communicants in good standing of a church of this Diocese for not less than one year prior to their election. The 81st General Convention will be held in July 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky, hosted by the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky.

Deputies to General Convention represent the diocese at the General Convention that is held every three years. The decisions, legislation, and elections that take place at General Convention allow The Episcopal Church to continue its ministerial and administrative business for the next three years. Deputies to General Convention serve until the next election.  

Any Constitution and Canon changes will be discussed at the pre-convention workshop on October 4th, 2022, and voted on at Convention.

General Information

Bio photo of Shaneequa Brokenleg for 2022 Diocesan Convention
The Rev. Isaiah “Shaneequa” Brokenleg

The Reverend Isaiah “Shaneequa” Brokenleg (she/her) is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (Sicangu Nation).  She is an Episcopal priest in the diocese of South Dakota.  From a cultural perspective, she believes we are all related and, as such, we are all called to be “good relatives” to one another.  As a winktè (Lakota Two-Spirit), Shaneequa is called to be a healer and move communities in the direction of positive change.  From an academic perspective, she has a Masters of Public Health degree from the University of Minnesota and Masters of Divinity degree from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific.  Shaneequa is the Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation at the Episcopal Church.  She is passionate about social justice and working to end the structural oppression/violence that hurts us all.  Shaneequa strives to live out her calling through her work, our church, her art, and her life.   


As in past years, there will be two pre-convention workshops: Budget, Canons & Resolutions scheduled for October 4th and the Candidate Forum scheduled for October 6th. Each will be held via Zoom and links for these workshops will be sent to all registered participants. 


There are 6 options and the descriptions are listed below, so please choose the one that most applies to you and your interest. We only have ONE time slot for workshops this year. The workshops will take place on October 21st at 1:00 – 2:15 p.m.

Location: El Conquistador, A Hilton Resort at 10000 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85704

Workshops will NOT be live-streamed this year, they are in-person only.

To sign up, please click the button below. 


WS 1: Interrelationship Between People, Land and Borders in the Geography of God: An Integrated Ministry Approach

The Canons for Border Ministry, Creation Care, and Native American Ministry share common threads in their ministries. Canon Chavez, Canon Hyde, and Canon Royals will discuss the ways that these ministries overlap and how they have been working to integrate them and will illustrate how this integrated approach can serve as a model for congregations as they seek to follow Christ’s commandment to love our neighbor.


WS 2: Beloved Community Cafe

Join the Anti-Racism Committee for an exploratory conversation about the Realizing Beloved Community report from the House of Bishops Theological Committee. You do not need to have read the new publication to participate. You are invited to explore the issues that emerge from this report that either promote or create barriers to becoming the beloved community that God intended for us.  The workshop is an opportunity for collaborative conversations, in a series of small groups, to create collective wisdom. Come ready to draw, reflect, listen, and make manifest the realization of the Beloved Community in our diocese. 

WS 3: Reconciling Generations: Ensuring Young Adults are Beloved

The Disciple John is depicted as an unbearded youth in most depictions of the Last Supper, where Jesus presides at the age of 33, and the vast majority of the disciples, including Mary, Martha, and Mary Magdalene, are thought to be in their twenties. For the past forty years, the Episcopal Church has struggled to engage this age group. Part of this is a great generational divide that splits our society, and part of this is the church’s failure to support the vocations and ministries of Young Adults. A panel of Young Adults will provide narratives of being beloved and not so beloved by the church; speak to their relationship with scripture, tradition, and reason/science; and explain what they hope, and fear, to find amidst worship, coffee hour, and our congregational life. 

 The Episcopal Young Adults joining the panel are compensated for their time and effort to participate in this forum and come from a diverse set of backgrounds outside and within the Episcopal Church. ****************************************************************************************************

WS 4: Discipleship:  I’m not quite sure what to do with all these parts…

In our walk in faith, we hear and read about all sorts of lovely words, ideas, and practices, and we can be left wondering what it’s all about. Come engage in a workshop where together, we learn how vacuum cleaners may have more connection with discipleship than we thought! 

WS 5: General Convention Deputation Report

Join us to learn about how your Arizona deputation participated in this year’s 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Hear about the way in which hundreds of items of legislation were handled in a much-condensed convention. Listen to moving stories of new and ongoing initiatives within the Episcopal Church. Learn about the ways in which the church needs your engagement right now and into the future.

WS 6: Clergy Spouse & Partner Workshop

Come and join other clergy spouses and partners for a time of sharing and fellowship.

Reservations for the dinner on Friday, October 21 can be made on the Convention Registration Form. This year the dinner is a buffet with a wide range of dietary needs. To register, please select the box on the Convention Registration Form. The cost of dinner is $41.00 per person.

Weather permitting, there will be a reception outside on the patio prior to the sit-down dinner on Friday evening of the convention. The reception is included in the price of the dinner.

All clergy, priest, and deacon spouses are invited to join other spouses from around the diocese for an inspiring program and lunch on the Saturday of the convention to be held at the El Conquistador. While the delegates are busy taking care of the business of the diocese, spouses will get to know each other while enjoying a delicious lunch. Look for more information and an invitation as the date of the convention gets closer.

The Diocesan Convention Children’s Program will be offered on Friday and Saturday of the convention. Children’s and Nursery programs are offered for infants through fifth grade on Friday, from 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturday, from 10:30 a.m. to close of Convention. Pre-registration is required for all ages. Click HERE to register.

Contact the Rev. Canon Jana Sundin with any questions.

If there are fewer than five children registered by September 30, the children’s program will be canceled.

We will be providing space for exhibitors at Convention. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The participation fee is dependent on the type of exhibit you are planning. Exhibitors can reserve a space by completing the Exhibitor Reservation Form HERE. Registration will not be complete until both the reservation form and payment are received at Diocesan House. If you or your congregation are interested in an exhibit space, please contact Dawn Jackson at dawn@azdiocese.org for more information.

Our Holy Eucharist is scheduled for Saturday morning, October 22. This service will be in person and live-streamed on our YouTube channel as well. Worship will be open to delegates and visitors for the convention, as well as ticket-holders from congregations and the community. Those who are registered for the Diocesan Convention will have access to the Eucharist service. Others who wish to attend the Eucharist service can register beginning on September 1st on this page.

Other worship services will be provided throughout the convention. More details are to come.

REGISTRATION for Convention is NOW CLOSED. Please contact registration@azdiocese.org for questions or information.

Delegate/Clergy Registration

The Convention registration form for Delegates will be sent by email to each congregation after the churches register. The registration form will indicate the number of delegates, wardens, and clergy eligible to voice and vote at the Convention. If you have any questions, email the Diocesan House at registration@azdiocese.org. The registration fee for each person is $60.00, which includes lunch on Saturday, October 22. 

Once you have completed the Convention and dinner registration form, please send the registration payment to Diocesan House as soon as possible, either via check/mail or PayPal during the registration process. We won’t be able to complete the registration until payment has been received. The deadline for registration is Friday, September 23, 2022. 

Visitor Registration

Visitors are most welcome to attend Convention events, including the workshops and Friday evening dinner. Visitors will have a seat, but no voice or vote. On Saturday, during the business meeting, visitors will be seated in the back of the main ballroom.

Visitors can register via an online registration form that will be available on July 20th. The registration fee and cost for the Friday evening dinner are the same for visitors: $60.00 for registration, and $41.00 for dinner. 

Registration and/or dinner reservations will not be complete until payment is reviewed by Diocesan House. The deadline for registration is Friday, September 23, 2022. 

Make checks payable to the Diocese of Arizona or pay through PayPal during the registration process. Memo: Diocesan Convention Registration 

Diocesan House

114 W Roosevelt St. 

Phoenix, AZ 85003

Hotel Booking with the Diocesan Discount is NOW CLOSED.

If you require an ADA-accessible room or need to reserve a room for Thursday, October 20th, please call (520) 544-1148

Call to Convention

Any member of the Clergy canonically resident or any lay communicant in good standing may submit a completed Nomination Form to the Chair of the Nominating Committee no later than August 31st, 2022. First, seek permission from the person you wish to nominate, and carefully complete the online form HERE. In addition, each candidate for election must complete the list of questions found HERE. Email the answered questions, with a passport-type photo (hi-res required), to:

Drew Ryan

Chair, Nominating Committee


The Requirements for Diocesan Convention Resolutions will be available soon.

Complete the Template Form and email the completed resolution no later than August 31st, 2022 to:

The Rev. Ben Garren

Chair, Resolutions Committee


Canon I, Section 4(a): Every member of the Clergy who is: 

(1) in good standing; (2) canonically and actually resident in the diocese and; (3) actively exercising a regular parochial or diocesan ministry in the diocese, as determined by the rector or vicar of the parish or mission in which they serve, or by the bishop. They are a clerical member of and shall be entitled to a seat and a vote at Convention. Every other member of the clergy who is in good standing and is canonically resident in the diocese shall have a seat in Convention but no vote. 

Clergy eligible to vote will be listed with the congregation with which they have a working relationship. Non-voting clergy should be registered in the appropriate section of the registration form. If you have any questions concerning this, contact Toni Murdock, Registrar of Convention, at 480.362.6140 or toni@azdiocese.org

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