Deacons and the Diaconate

More than 50 deacons are active in diverse ministries across the diocese, a number that has grown significantly in the last 15 years. They bring the world to the church and bring the church to the world.  They are represented by the Deacons’ Council consisting of lay leaders, priests, and deacons who give voice to the deacon community.

Deacon’s Council

The council’s six guiding principles are to seek input, listen and learn; provide transformative educational opportunities; nurture and deepen robust relationships; give voice and visibility to diaconal leadership in the world; develop and clarify the role of the Deacons’ council, and envision the future.


  • The Rt. Rev. Jennifer A. Reddall, Bishop 
  • The Ven Amy Bryan, Archdeacon 
  • The Rev. Sally Niles, Deacon & Director of Deacon Formation
  • Nadine Cole – COM secretary. 
  • Elaine Pope 
  • The Rev Ben Garren 
  • The Rev. Edwin Rodriguez
  • The Rev. Dale Gallup

Deacons Council Members as of January 26th, 2024

To get in touch with a member of the Deacons’ Council, please contact them via e-mail.

Deacons’ Council Directory – updated 7/22/21 (password required)

Applying for Postulancy to the Diaconate

Deacon application forms and information about the process can be found on the Commission on Ministry page.

Deacon Formation Academy

The Deacon Formation Academy provides educational and experiential opportunities to prepare individuals for the 21st-century diaconate. The building blocks of this formation, which is grounded in the rule of St. Benedict, are the five “intertwining elements” of academics, ministry, liturgy, exploration, and the world.

The two-year formation process includes curriculum-based class sessions, a 6-month internship plus a 3-month externship/field experience, two retreats, journaling/reflection, readings, presentations/writing, and a final essay exam.

Cohorts begin annually with a 2-step orientation and an academic portion begins in June. It then progresses through the stages of a postulant, candidate, and ordinand. The Academy makes use of a leaders-as-teachers framework, with a faculty led by our bishop and including priests, deacons, and laypeople. They participate in educational activities and receive mentoring for two years after ordination, pursue life-long learning, and receive ministry support with the assistance of the academy and the Deacons’ Council.

Deacon Formation Program Overview

Day of Class Assignments Year 2024

DFA Class Calendar – Day at a Glance 2024/2025

Other Resources

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