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Below are curriculums and study guides for Creation Care Ministry.

Curriculums and Study Guides

A Beginner’s Guide to Creation Care and the Climate Crisis developed by St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church, Los Osos, CA

Church, Creation and the Common Good: Guidance in an Age of Climate Crisis by Ragan Sutterfield and Emily Sutterfield.  A six-week adult education course that seeks to engage congregations in the challenges posed by climate change.  Borken into three main sections:  Ecclesia, Ecology and  Economy, with two sessions connected to each session.

A Life of Grace for the Whole World: A Study Course on the House of Bishops’ Pastoral Teaching on the Environment by Jerry Cappel and Stephanie M. Johnson.  Based on the House of Bishop’s Pastoral Teaching on the Environment, this course engages participants in understanding how the call to care for Creation informs and deepens appreciation and love for God and God’s work in Creation, and how that finds expression in the faith life of individuals and churches.  Available in adult sessions and youth sessions.

Adult book

Youth book

Leader’s Guide

TO SERVE CHRIST IN ALL CREATION: A Study Guide and Discussion Course for Province One Based on the Pastoral Letter of the Episcopal Bishops of New England (2003). Based on the 2003 pastoral letter on the environment from the bishops of Province One (New England), this Study Guide is designed to assist each parish in forming a Discussion Circle, through which each participant can examine the roots of his or her connectedness with God’s creation, both in scripture and in our Christian tradition. 

Spiritual Development

Living in an Icon: A Program for Growing Closer to Creation and to God (with a companion facilitator guide), by Robert Gottfried and Frederick W. Krueger.  This guide uses principles drawn from Christian monasticism to guide the user through a spiritual journey toward a greater connection with all of God’s creation and with God’s presence in the world.  A facilitator’s guide is available to adapt the program for small group use.

Celebrate Earth! Living with Wisdom and Love on Our Island Home by Ben Nelson, Jim Kimmel and Jerry Touchstone Kimmel.  An adult spiritual formation process from the Episcopal tradition that draws on scripture and tradition, science, contemplation/meditation, and action to help users recognize the earth as God’s creation and that we are its caretakers, not its owners.  Celebrate Earth! is designed to be used by individuals or in group contexts such as retreats and workshops.