Borderland Ministry

Missioner for Border Ministry and Vicar of St. Stephen’s, Douglas

This position combines ministry in the border town of Douglas, AZ with a diocesan coordinating role for justice ministries involving immigration. It requires a unique set of administrative and pastoral skills, as well as fluency in Spanish and English.  To read the full job description, click HERE. Applicants should send a COMPLETE package that includes: Cover Letter, Resume, and OTM Profile to the Rev. Canon Anita Braden at

“Immigration is a crisis that we as a nation, that we as a global community, must face and find a way forward for the sake of our brothers and our sisters—for the sake of us all.”

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

A version of this video with Spanish Subtitles is available HERE

The diocese’s Arizona Borderlands Ministries (ABM) is committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, in word and deed by inviting, encouraging, and mobilizing our diocesan family to faithfully engage the present moment unfolding along the Arizona-Mexico borderlands and in our parish neighborhoods. 

Through the ministries of the Borderlands Ministry Council, Cruzando Fronteras, La Casa de Misericordia y de Todas Naciones shelter, and Sin Fronteras Learning Communities, we are fostering a beloved community of Christ-followers committed to growing, being transformed, and sent into the world to both provide and receive a faithful welcome, to further the growth of God’s beloved community along the Arizona-Mexico borderlands. 

Our geographical space on the borderlands has historically existed as a migration pathway for many who traveled to visit with relatives; search for work, seek safety, and hope for a new future for their loved ones.  Our commitment is to foster gospel-centered practices and opportunities for responding to God’s call to love, accompany, advocate, and pray for our migrating neighbors. We believe that through our collaborative and ecumenical partnerships, we are able to provide shelter for those seeking asylum; address systemic issues, policies, and concerns impacting the wellbeing of our migrating neighbors; and mutually grow and learn from the stories, gifts, and friendships we share. 

This page will be developed further as our ministries progress.

Contact: the Rev. Canon David Ulloa Chavez