2024 Lay Leadership Retreat

2024 Lay Leadership Retreat

Date: February 16th-18th Location: Chapel Rock Camp and Conference Center, 1131 Country Club Drive, Prescott, AZ 86303 Contact: Serrena Fuentes


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The 17th Annual Lay Leadership Weekend will take place February 16th to 18th at Chapel Rock Camp in Prescott. The theme this year is “The Best Laid Plans….”  The saying goes that the best-laid plans make God laugh. Life during the Pandemic and in the years since has caused the plans and expectations of many congregations to change, shift, or be jettisoned. 

But now, in the current moment, it is time to be planning once again–with an eye to what has changed in our congregations, our diocese, and our society in the last few years. How do we incorporate newcomers into congregations when they participate primarily online? How do we do youth ministry this season, and what effects have the pandemic had on our children? What are the best practices for forming disciples of Jesus now that so many curricula are available online? How have the roles of Vestry, Bishop’s Committees, Wardens, and Treasurers changed, and what training and expertise do these people need?  

Attendees will get to meet and learn from the entire diocesan staff as well as peer groups. Bishop Mike Girlinghouse of the ELCA, who is currently serving as the interim chaplain at LCM-Canterbury at NAU will be a presenter. 

This is a spiritual time as well as a practical time; here are some of the lay leaders who we believe would benefit from this retreat: 

  • Vestry members
  • Wardens
  • Treasurers
  • Parish Administrators
  • Youth and Children’s ministers
  • Church Communicators
  • Pastoral leaders–those who visit, pray and teach
  • Outreach and Justice ministry leaders

As you well know, growing strong lay leaders help provide your church with a solid foundation. It is my hope you will join us and encourage other leaders from your church to register now for what will be a memorable and rewarding opportunity for fellowship, learning, and worship.