A Simple Card Makes All the Difference for At-Risk Kids

In early June, 16 boys and girls (ages 8-17) who are affected by the incarceration of an immediate family member spent a fun and action-packed week at Chapel Rock in Prescott. They formed friendships and learned new skills (such as photography, drumming, and even kayaking!), and they had an opportunity to experience the love that God has for them. The 2023 Camp Genesis week may be finished but the opportunity to keep Camp alive in their memories has just begun.

Just because camp ended and “see you next year” was said does not mean that the experience of camp is actually over. From July until the following June, the Camp Genesis Card Program ministry takes over to keep in touch with each child and remind them that they are in our hearts and in our prayers.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Just what is this Camp Genesis Card Program”? Well, each month every camper who attended the most recent Camp Genesis receives a card from someone or from a group. An individual or a church group can sign up to send cards to the 16 kids for one or more months. The cards can be bought or homemade, holiday-themed, or just a Hello/Thinking of You card. Youth and children’s groups can even make the cards! Plain old Dollar Store notecards can be decorated and include your simple heartfelt and encouraging message.

Campers from years past have shared how much receiving these cards have meant to them. Many have kept all of their cards in a box or created a scrapbook. One of the older campers said that he rereads the cards whenever he is going through a tough time.

For more information and to send cards, visit our Camp Genesis page HERE