2023 Monastic Retreat at Chapel Rock

2023 Monastic Retreat at Chapel Rock

Date: November 15 to November 19 Location: Chapel Rock Camp and Conference Center Contact: Maria Alejandra Felix More Information

This retreat is open to everyone who seeks an opportunity for rest and renewal in a monastic setting. It is designed for clergy and laity, Episcopalians and Non-Episcopalians alike by members of the Ministry for Religious Life in the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona. 

The carefully cultivated spiritual atmosphere of a monastery is the product of the intentions and practices shared by those who live there, and when we visit as guests, we are invited to share in that atmosphere by joining our intentions and practices to those of the resident community.

During the course of our annual diocesan Monastic Retreat, those who gather will seek, through their shared intentions and practices, to shape our beloved Chapel Rock into a monastery for the weekend. We hope you will gather with us this November at Chapel Rock.

For those wishing for a longer retreat, you can arrive on Wednesday the 15th.
For those wishing for a shorter retreat, you can arrive on Friday the 17th. 

The retreat ends for everyone after Eucharist, on Sunday, the 19th.