Renewing Recovery Ministry

A few weeks ago, I wrote about renewed leadership for our Disability Concerns Committee.  This week, I would like to introduce you to the Rev. Joann Leach, who has been meeting with me about reinvigorating our Diocesan Recovery Ministry. 

I am JoAnn Leach and I moved to Flagstaff in my retirement in 2020. I serve as a retired, assisting Priest at Epiphany and am involved in recovery in the Flagstaff community.  In my past, I was very active in the Recovery Ministries in the Episcopal Church.  I am passionate about recovery and feel called again to get involved in the Diocese of Arizona. 

I know from my previous experience that this Diocese has been supportive of recovery and with Bishop Reddall’s support I would like to coordinate a Recovery committee and volunteers to have a presence to support those in recovery and those suffering from addiction.  

Some of the work that we might do together is to form a leadership team from differing geographical parts of the Diocese with a passion for healing from addiction and perhaps competencies in this area.  Many of you have direct knowledge of recovery resources such as treatment centers, therapists, twelve-step programs, books on recovery, and much more. Recovery resources change over time and we need to keep current with the best practices in this state. 

We would hope to support churches in offering Recovery Sundays and broadening their understanding of addiction where needed.  Even though we know the disease of addiction of any kind is not a sin (drug, alcohol, food, etc.) it is very difficult when one is suffering, to not have shame and to isolate.  I hope that we can offer a listening ear and referrals in a confidential manner so that all may feel loved by God in the midst of an addiction. We also want to support those who love or live with an addicted person, this too often is kept a secret because of our need in the church to look okay. 

Just this morning, I heard the new statistics that both alcohol and drug addiction are increasing in our country.  We know this. Rarely do we meet people who have not been directly affected by addiction.  This is the time for us as a Diocese to open to God’s leading on what we might do to address this growing problem in Arizona and our own parishes. 

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  1. I have been active in the Alanon program in three different states since 1990. I would be interested in learning more about your program.