2023 Pilgrimage to Kenya: Partners Across the Globe

Five pilgrims from the Diocese of Arizona will be traveling to Kisii, Kenya on Monday to visit with our partners in the Diocese of Kisii. I ask your prayers for safe travel for myself, the Rev. Canon Anita Braden, Canon Clyde Kunz (St. Matthew’s, Tucson), Susan Hillman (St. Michael and All Angels, Tucson), and Kathleen O’Leary (Trinity Cathedral). 

In my conversations with Bishop John Orina of Kisii beginning last summer at the Lambeth Conference, we identified that his diocese needs help supporting their clergy salaries. Since then, we have sent about $19,000 in your donations to support the 15 priests in the Diocese of Kisii. That has supported them for about 2/3s of the year, and according to Bishop John, has made a big difference in their ability to focus on ministry rather than other paid work. 

The primary goal for our visit is relationship building. We will also assess the needs and benefits of a continued relationship with the Diocese of Kisii, and share stories and descriptions of our ministry here. Kisii has just been granted their status as a full diocese (rather than a missionary diocese) and it is hard for me not to see the similarities in their story with Arizona’s years as a missionary diocese. 

We are visiting about 15 congregations, as well as local civic officials and several schools. We intend to post daily updates on Facebook about our experiences and are in the process of scheduling a time when we can recount the ministry of Kisii to the diocese upon our return. 

For now, you can also enjoy this video about our visit that the Diocese of Kisii put together: