Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Are you aware that as Arizonans we have the opportunity to make known our position on the various bills that are being considered by our State legislature by simply going online using the Request to Speak (RTS) system? Legislators have indicated that they read and remember RTS comments and registering your Bill Position can help a bill get on a committee docket.

If you have an RTS account but are unsure how to use it CLICK HERE to view the Request to Speak Manual. If you are not currently registered with RTS, you can do so by following the instructions provided HERE (although the form indicates registration to support a particular bill, once you are registered you can support or oppose any bill.) The name is misleading – you do NOT need to actually speak. The system allows you to electronically weigh in on a bill, for or against, without having to go to the capitol or speak in person or online.

Learn more about the Request to Speak system by downloading or clicking through the “Using the Request to Speak Program” manual provided by the Arizona Legislature government office.