“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

All over our diocese today, we are saying and hearing those words. Remember. You are dust. You shall return to dust. 

There is also a lot of dust blowing in the strong winds. Dust getting everywhere–blowing into homes, and cars, and ears, and eyes. Dust is inescapable. It invades. It is stirred up by wind, by ruach

May these next 40 days be a time of prayer and introspection on our nature as dust. My dust is no different from the dust of my neighbor–and indeed, someday, we may be co-mingled. And our dust–like the earthly dust of today–can be stirred up by the Spirit and blown to unexpected places. 

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return. 

2 comments on “Dust”

  1. Thank you, Bishop, for the awakening reminder. May I also note that scientifically we know we are made of star dust!
    The atomic elements that all things on Earth, including us, are formed in matured stars – our Sun is too young to from these elements. When such a matured star (not all matured stars) implodes and become a super nova, the dust got blown away into the interstellar space. Some of the dust contributed to the formation of our Sun and its planets and all therein. We are heavenly creatures!
    See you on Sunday at St. Michael and All Angels, Tucson!