Baptismal Joy

Sheer Joy. 

That’s what I saw when I encountered this photo of one of the newly baptized and their parents at Epiphany, Flagstaff. 

Especially when I am concerned for the world, the church, and my own life, I welcome these bright flashes of joy.  

This past weekend was one such burst of joy for me, akin to the photo, as I made an official visitation to Trinity Cathedral. 16 baptisms in total, between all three services. Infants, children, and adults, all coming to the front to commit themselves to faith in Jesus, and communion with God and their neighbor.  

I keep hearing rumors that the church is dying or that young people aren’t interested in God, or other bleak prognoses. 

And then I meet another person whose life has been changed by faith. Or I hear a story about what is happening in our congregations. Or I see a photo like this. 

I think one of the reasons I love this photo so much is because it is a perfect representation of baptism:  a leap of faith, confident that our hands are being held by our sponsors and the Holy Spirit.  I pay it brings you joy as well today. 

3 comments on “Baptismal Joy”

  1. The photo alone is pure, radiant joy.

    The Bishop’s last paragraph adds the perfect halo to a baptism of holy Joy.

  2. I know the grandparents, and I know this day had to be so full of joy for them as well. When I first saw this photo it made me smile all over. Thank you for sharing this jubilation with the Diocese!