Arizona Democracy Resilience Network

As we approach this fall’s elections, it is my honor as a faith leader to be part of the Arizona Democracy Resilience Network. This is a cross-partisan group including former elected officials, representatives of the business community, and faith leaders, all of whom are committed to the peaceful democratic process.  

ADRN is led by retired Democratic Congressman Ron Barber and Republican former newspaper publisher Don Henninger and is part of a wider effort by the Carter Center to uphold our electoral process and democracy. 

The fundamental work of ADRN is to express confidence in safe, fair, and secure elections, and prevent election-related violence—including threats to election workers, public officials, and houses of worship.  

The work of peace-building is Gospel work, and so I am pleased to be part of ADRN. 

I want to highlight two aspects of ADRN’s mission today: 

First, they are working with the Arizona Republic and Arizona Daily Star to do two educational events about the electoral process. These events will go through the electoral process from start to finish and will be hybrid events available to people in person in Tucson and Phoenix, or online from around the state. As soon as we have the dates and times for those events, we will distribute them to the diocese. People with questions about the process deserve to have those questions answered, and these forums will be a good way to learn more. 

Second, ADRN is asking all candidates for elected office to sign on to a set of “Candidate Principles for Trusted Elections.” Supporters of the Candidate Principles are organizations and individuals who agree that candidates for public office should lead by example and uphold the core doctrines of democratic elections: integrity, nonviolence, security, oversight, and the peaceful transfer of power. You can read the full principles by following the link above, and sign on to these principles as an individual. You can encourage candidates in your area to sign on to them as well. 

Finally, as we approach November, I also ask you to remember elections officials, staff members, and volunteers in your prayers. They are under enormous stress, and many are suffering harassment and threats. May they be kept safe; may they continue to serve with honor and courage; and may their service inspire others. 

5 comments on “Arizona Democracy Resilience Network”

  1. I am so happy to learn of this and will keep all of you and the process in my prayers.
    I challenge all Deacons to do the same, beginning today. I think we all value our country which believes in democracy and I am thankful to be here . Thankyou

  2. Thank you Bishop Reddall for your active participation in this historic event. May God honor your presence and give you dominion over nothing less than he expects from each of us, for His glory.

  3. Thank you for doing this important work in Arizona. I would love to see a list of those who sign onto the Principles and those who do not. I think it would be important for the citizens of Arizona to know this!

  4. Thank you for your involvement and for sharing information about this very worthwhile effort.