2022 Monastic Retreat at Chapel Rock

2022 Monastic Retreat at Chapel Rock

Date: Monday, September 12th at 11am to Wednesday, September 14th at 10 am Location: Chapel Rock Camp and Conference Center Contact: More Information

Have you ever had the occasion to spend a few days on retreat in a monastery? I wonder what
you remember most about the quality of that experience. Perhaps it was the calm, the silence,
the Presence that hangs in the air of prayer-soaked spaces and among the relationships
between prayer-soaked humans.

For me, I can best describe my first time in a monastic setting as wholly unlike any other place I
had ever been, unlike any time I had ever spent. Yet it also felt like I had, at long last, in some
mysterious way, come home, like something that had been missing within myself had been
found. It was around that first experience in a monastery that Spirit began to stir my own sense
of vocation as a baptized Christian, as a Benedictine, and as a priest.

My name is Prior Chad-Joseph Sundin, OSBCn, and I am the convener of our diocesan Ministry
for Religious Life. In the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona, we do not have a monastery of our own
at which to make retreats, but we do have vowed members of several religious communities,
and we do have a truly beautiful camp and conference center at Chapel Rock in Prescott.
Bringing these two assets together, the Ministry for Religious Life has designed the first annual
Monastic Retreat at Chapel Rock. It is our hope that this retreat will bring the experience of a
monastery closer to home for Arizona episcopalians and others, offering an occasion for
encounter, spiritual nourishment, and transformation.

The 2022 Monastic Retreat at Chapel Rock will be held September 12-14, 2022, and
registration will soon be open. Space is limited, but if the Holy Spirit is calling you to rest and
renewal through silence, prayer, spiritual direction, and sacred fellowship won’t you reserve
your place in the monastic choir and around the refectory table?