General Convention or Bust!

Pending our negative COVID tests and good fortune with our air travel, the Diocese of Arizona will be represented by our Deputation at the 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church from July 8-11 in Baltimore, Maryland. 

It has not been a smooth path to this convention. Originally scheduled for 2021, it was delayed, and then abbreviated. Most of the things one might consider to be “fun” at General Convention: common worship, meals, and the exhibition hall, have been canceled. (We are still worshipping, but separated by House, and with no hymn singing). 

The general process will still hold: Four clergy and four lay deputies will represent each of the 112 dioceses in the Episcopal Church in the House of Deputies. Bishops (probably just active bishops given the pandemic restrictions) will meet in the House of Bishops. Legislation must pass in both houses to be enacted.  

Our deputies and I will be making video updates and sharing them through our social media. 

There is no one issue or vote that I anticipate being defining in this convention.  The House of Deputies will elect a new President; many resolutions are essentially continuing a status quo until the 2024 convention; others address racial justice, church planting, evangelism, safe church training, and just about every other issue facing the church or the world today. 

Here are some resources if you’d like to learn more: 

The General Convention Website. 

The “Virtual Binder” of updated resolutions

The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn writes a blog looking at most resolutions that will come before convention.  I highly encourage you to read it, particularly the sections on ministry and evangelism.  

And very humorously, there is a House of Deputies Tiktok account, which has already offered some brilliant videos, including this one with a comical look at the “types” of deputies who attend. 

Please keep our deputation, along with our events coordinator Toni Murdock, in your prayers as we travel: 

Clergy Deputies: the Very Rev. Troy Mendez, the Rev. Canon David Hedges, BSG, the Rev. Deacon Robin Hollis, the Rev. Canon John Kitagawa, the Rev. Kelli D. Joyce (Alternate)

Lay Deputies: Mr. Cody Bro, Dr. Dawn Conley, Canon Judith Conley, Mr. Dan Packard, Canon Clyde Kunz (Alternate)