Cruzando Fronteras Needs Your Help

by Rev. Canon David Ulloa Chavez
Canon for Borderland Ministries

Over the last 9 months, your support has made it possible for 889 residents at our partner shelter, La Casa de Misericordia y de Todas Naciones, to take the next steps in their immigration journeys.  Of the 889 residents, 439 are children under the age of 17; all school-age children that, we pray, will be enrolling for school this coming fall and taking some important first steps toward a new future.  At Cruzando Fronteras we are humbled and overjoyed to play a small but very significant role in making sure that children at La Casa have everything they need to learn, grow, heal, and thrive while under the care of our friend and ministry partner, Sister Angelica Macias and her amazing leadership team.  One way that La Casa is helping entire families is by working with partnerships that will help shelter residents develop workable skills to help them find work in the US while they make their way through our immigration system.   In addition to ESL classes, many shelter residents are taking advantage of vocational training to help them learn the necessary skills to be effective teacher assistants, plumbers, electricians, hair stylists, and medical office assistants.  We support and are committed to ensuring that educational opportunities continue as part of our shelter work; opportunities that we believe provide our shelter residents with tools to continue growing and providing for themselves and their loved ones wherever they settle throughout the US.  

The summer months are upon us and I want to invite you to take the time to remember in your prayers the many women, children, and men that make their way to the US-Mexico ports of entry in pursuit of a better life; in pursuit of asylum.   I also want to encourage you to consider supporting our diocesan border ministry, Cruzando Fronteras. Cruzando is an ecumenical partnership between our Lutheran and United Church of Christ friends where together we commit to demonstrating the welcome of Jesus to our migrating neighbor by practically coming alongside of our siblings in Christ from across the entire world.  Through Cruzando Fronteras and La Casa de Misericordia y de Todas Naciones migrant shelter in Nogales, Sonora, we have created a community that ensures that asylum seekers have shelter, basic needs, healthcare, educational opportunities, and pastoral care during their stay.   Thank you for helping us continue to do the work of Jesus at the border.  

Mural of the Migrant Journey at La Casa de Misericordia y de Todas Naciones