Bishop’s E-Pistle: Considering the Supreme Court Draft Opinion

I know that the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion is on the hearts and minds of many Episcopalians in Arizona and around the nation. I share in the grief and concern that the opinion if maintained when it is actually issued, will result in not just the loss of rights and autonomy of women, but the suffering, impoverishment, and death of women who are no longer able to access safe and legal abortions. 

As you approach this topic with your own prayers, activism, and learning, here are some resources to consider: 

A description and list of General Convention resolutions about abortion can be found here

The Rev. Kira Austin-Young published a book in 2017 called Pro-Choice and Christian: Reconciling Faith, Politics, and Justice.  It is available on Amazon here.  (It is published under her former name). 

The Rev. Fleming Rutledge wrote a blog post about her complicated beliefs about abortion in 2019 that you can access here. A summary is that she believes abortion is always wrong, but that it should also be legal.