Continue the Fight to Abolish the Death Penalty

I recently received a question about upcoming executions. The Death Penalty Action organization lists upcoming executions across all states in the US and provides an easy, online way to state your opposition to the death penalty for each of these human beings. If you scroll down on the link I provided, you will also see State Petitions to abolish the death penalty and there is a petition for Arizona. Even further down on the page are unscheduled executions that you can protest. I hope you will take just a few minutes to do what we can to preserve life and protest state-sanctioned murder. Also, please keep Murray Hooper in your prayers. He is an innocent man on Death Row in our Florence, AZ facility that I write to. He is currently in the final stage of the appeal process. Our hope is that AZ will be unable to use the drugs that they have and a lawsuit against using the gas chamber will be successful. Perhaps we will be able to finally abolish the death penalty in our state simply because it is too difficult for them to kill people. A sad commentary.Thank you all for your support to Abolish the Death Penalty in AZ. Please share this information with anyone and everyone.