Veteran & Military Ministry in AZ Moving Forward

Clockwise from left: The Rev. Lisa Gofoth The Rev. Laura Adelia Richard Brown Ron Kupinsky Jack Lutz The Rev. Deacon Michael Douglas

The Veteran & Military Ministry Team Leaders met for the first time, January 31st, in the new Veteran & Military Ministry office at St. Stephen’s in Phoenix.

In addition to getting to know each other, the leaders talked about Phase 1 of their ministry: info gathering, building the team, networking, connecting, researching, and establishing communication.

Joining the Rev. Laura Adelia in person were: the Rev. Lisa Goforth, Richard Brown (SMSgt USAF, (Ret.) & member of All Saints of the Desert, Sun City), Ron Kupinsky (US Navy & USMC veteran, currently serving as the Jr. Warden at Church of the Nativity, Scottsdale),

Jack Lutz (USMC veteran & member of All Saints of the Desert, Sun City), and Deacon Michael Douglas (USAF Vietnam veteran, member of St. Peter’s Litchfield Park). Joining in Facetime were Lyle Skillen (US Navy veteran, & member of St. Stephen’s, Phoenix) and Deacon Leah Sandwell-Weiss (USAF veteran/who served as a JAG (military lawyer), & currently serves as a deacon at St. Philips, Tucson).

The purpose of the Veteran & Military Ministry, established in October 2021, is to assist parishes in serving their veterans, military service members & families, as well as veterans and military people in their wider local communities.

The Rev. Laura Adelia with memorabilia from her different deployments gets settled
into her new Veteran & Military Ministry office.

Chaplain, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)
Military Missioner—Veteran & Military Ministries
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