News from the Veteran & Military Ministry – Be Connected

Greetings everyone!  

I wanted to share with you some great resources & volunteer opportunities that can help & support your community’s veterans & military service & family members.  

First, I would like to introduce to you the “Be Connected” organization.  As many of you know, applying for veteran benefits, & navigating the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) system, (etc.) can be a very complex & confusing process. It’s hard to know who to go to or where to turn for guidance & help in applying for or accessing health benefits, educational benefits, or assistance with housing, transitions, counseling, employment, legal issues, & or even knowing what benefits are available to veterans, etc.  

Be Connected Organization Logo

Be Connected offers assistance & support in navigating this complex process.  It is a statewide program & is partnered with numerous agencies.  They have trained people throughout the state of Arizona to provide assistance, guidance, information & support.  And best of all, it’s free!  

For more information, please check out their website:, or phone:  866-4AZ-VETS  (866-429-8387).  

Secondly, here is a great volunteer opportunity in the Phoenix area.  There are two homes currently being built in west Phoenix for homeless female veterans.  These two houses are being built & funded by a partnership between Habitat for Humanity & US VetsAnd, they are in need of volunteers!  If interested, please email me at . 

More info & resources to come!

Thank you & God bless!   

The Rev. Laura Adelia
Chaplain, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)
Military Missioner – Veteran & Military Ministries
Episcopal Diocese of Arizona