Refugee Resettlement Opportunities

By The Rev. David Ulloa Chavez

David Chavez

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matthew 25:35)

 I’ve been overwhelmed with joy at the heartfelt response and desire that our diocesan family has expressed regarding the future arrival of Afghan refugees to Arizona.

Many of you stand ready to actively engage in efforts underway to provide shelter, resources, and above all a warm welcome to the many women, men, and children resettling in our communities.  To that end, I pray that the following resources will connect you to onramps that will enable and guide your congregation’s efforts to be part of the amazing education and planning at play by our partners that are experienced in refugee resettlement. Below you will find a tool that can help guide you and your team as you discern where and how to accompany our refugee neighbors during this season of great need. If you have questions, please contact me at  

Learn how to help: 

If you would like to volunteer, learn about community sponsorship, or offer housing, please complete this Interest Form

We will follow up with individuals on that list. 

Emergency Appeal: Neighbors Welcome: Afghan Allies Fund  

We have launched an emergency fundraising campaign called Neighbors Welcome: Afghan Allies Fund. At the present time, our most urgent need is for donations to our special fund for Afghan allies, which will be used to support housing and basic needs for arriving Afghan families. Please Donate HERE

Recording of our August 27 Webinar: Neighbors Welcome 

On August 27, we aired a webinar called “Neighbors Welcome: Episcopal Migration Ministries Responds to Afghanistan”. You may watch the recording here on Vimeo. For more information CLICK HERE

Language to Share With Others 

The language that can be used and shared with congregations/dioceses/friends & family is available HERE

More information: 

You will find additional information about EMM’s response and our Afghan allies here:  

https:// episcopalmigrationministries. org/afghan-allies/ 

Information for Afghan nationals and their family members may be found here:  

https:// episcopalmigrationministries. org/resources-afghan-allies/