The Bishop’s E-pistle: Prayers for Afghanistan

The phrase that has gone through my mind over and over again as I read and watch the news about Afghanistan is “things done and left undone.”

I’m not an expert in international policy, or nation-building, or what the precise right actions are or could have been in Afghanistan. I only know that today I grieve for those who are suffering.  I grieve missed opportunities. I grieve the losses of life of Americans and Afghans. I grieve for women and girls and people who appear to have lost rights and freedoms. I grieve for all who feel betrayed or abandoned.

Lord, have mercy.

It is tempting to feel powerless. But we are not without resources to help. If you would like to assist those who are fleeing Afghanistan and possibly coming to the United States, Episcopal Migration Ministries has opportunities for both donating funds and offering more substantial and hands-on help. You can learn more at the Episcopal Migration Ministries page.

Presiding Bishop Curry sent out the following prayer; I join him—and you—in praying:

Eternal God, hear our prayer for the peoples of Afghanistan. There is a profound humanitarian crisis. Countless people, mostly women, and children are now fleeing and vulnerable. The lives of many are now endangered. The hopes of many are forgone. Send your Spirit, Lord, to rally the resolve of the nations of the earth to find pathways to save human lives, protect human rights, and to resolve the hardships of those seeking refuge, asylum, and safety. Hear our prayer for the people of Afghanistan. This we pray as followers of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Amen.