The Bishop’s E-pistle: A Friendly Wager

When it became clear that the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks were going to play one another in the NBA Finals, I reached out to their provisional bishop, Jeffrey Lee: “Shall we make this interesting?”

A bet was struck: the winning bishop would designate a charity that the losing bishop would make a donation to. I chose Cruzando Fronteras; Bishop Lee chose the Hospitality Center in Racine, WI, which cares for many needs of those experiencing poverty: food, clothing, haircuts, laundry, and consistent interactions with a friendly face.

This morning I made my donation gladly to the Hospitality Center, and ordered a basket of Arizona goodies for the Bishop and Staff in Milwaukee. I invite you to join me in supporting the Hospitality Center.

It has been good fun to watch the NBA finals and cheer on our home team. And our diocesan staff made a little video this morning to congratulate the winners.