The Bishop’s E-pistle: Cruzando Fronteras Updates

I’m frequently asked about updates on Cruzando Fronteras, our ecumenical border ministry in Nogales, Sonora. Over 200 migrants lived in the shelter together for the entire pandemic, building strong bonds of friendship.

This video is of a collective project: installing a new water cistern. Everyone works together at La Casa de Misericordia, the shelter we partner with.

We are so happy to share the news that many of the shelter residents are finally taking the next step in their asylum proceedings. Two weeks ago, a young mother and her son (pictured immediately below) made their way to the AZ/Mexico port of entry in Nogales to start a new life as asylum seekers, the first to cross from La Casa since the border closed. She will be reunited with family and be surrounded by friends as she takes the next step in her immigration journey. Last week, many more of our residents (pictured further below) made that next journey. Migrants that have patiently waited to take the next step toward a better future are doing so because of the faithful work and ministry of the Cruzando Fronteras donors, steering committee and the leaders at La Casa de Misericordia!

In the meantime, the Steering Committee, made up of Episcopal, Lutheran, and UCC leaders, has been working to further develop our budget and procedures, a covenant between Cruzando Fronteras and La Casa, and planning for what is next as immigration and asylum policy changes. We are now also joined by a transitional deacon from the Diocese of Western Mexico, Jesus David, who is visiting the shelter and providing pastoral care, baptisms, and the energy of faith.

Sister Lika Macias, Director of La Casa de Misericordia, shared that this is both a time of great celebration and a time for happy tears. More individuals and families will begin the process of leaving La Casa, and we are thankful, as this will open up space for other migrants to become part of this wonderful and life-changing community.

At Cruzando Fronteras, we are committed to continue to support the work of La Casa, but we can only do so by your financial support. Help us to continue providing a community of hope. As we enter the summer season, we know all too well for the need to provide our migrating neighbors a space that is safe, healthy, and cool. To make a financial gift, please use the DONATE linke when you visit the website.