The Bishop’s E-pistle: Communications Survey

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about communicating. Jesus, the Word of God, speaks, and the people listen. Sometimes huge crowds, other times small intimate gatherings of disciples. Jesus’ words spread out through whispers and stories, from person to person. Sometimes his words inspire people to follow him. Sometimes he words inspire people to oppose him.

But his words get out. And the stories last. Eventually written down so that they can be handed on from generation to generation, changing lives and inspiring followers into our own time, who do their best to love God and love their neighbor, following the way of the Cross, the way of love, the way of life.

How do we tell the story of what Jesus Christ is doing in our lives as Christians in Arizona? What is the Good News we have been given, and how do we share that good news with people formally and informally?

Our Diocese is in the process of evaluating our formal communications through an audit led by Canticle Communications. Several leadership bodies in the Diocese have already participated in focus groups with Canticle; the final phase of the process is a survey that will help shape their report and recommendations.

You are invited to participate in the survey between now and March 26. 

Help us understand how we can spread the Gospel more effectively in 2021 and beyond.