The Bishop’s E-pistle: The Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Messages began to flow in to my email yesterday morning from all over the globe: We are praying for you and the Diocese of Arizona. Tokyo, England, several places in the United States. All with messages of support and prayer, sometimes with a brief note about what life and ministry (and the pandemic) is like in their context.

So today: know that people all over the world are praying for you and us: for our congregations, for our ministries, for our clergy and lay leaders. People are praying that Jesus may bless and unite us, that we may grow in faith, and that we may reflect God’s redeeming love into our broken world.

You can find the entire Anglican Cycle of Prayer on the Anglican Communion website.

It takes about three years to pray for each of the 843 Dioceses and 41 Provinces of the Anglican Communion, one per day. If you are looking for a global prayer discipline, following this cycle might be a good starting place.

And if you do–reach out with an email to each bishop of the diocese you pray for. They will feel upheld and connected. And you will help share the love of Christ with Christians around the world.